Worldwide Semiconductor is an independent stocking distributor of integrated circuits and semiconductors. Worldwide is your source for obsolete, allocated, discontinued, hard-to-find, DRAM, SDRAM, SRAM, electronic components and semiconductors.
We have worked hard to develop a reputation of excellence for service, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries. We handle over 32 different lines and have a vast inventory of components and supplies at our fingertips. Worldwide specializes in hard-to-find and allocated products, and can supply allocated parts when the authorized distributors are unable to get parts from the manufacturer. We have the capabilities for a worldwide search for your requirements using our on-line network. If we do not have current stock to fill your requirements we can generally locate them, and make delivery within 48 hours, at lower prices than authorized distributors.

At Worldwide, we work hard to locate your requirements, whether it is a large or small quantity, and deliver them at a very competitive price. If saving time and money is on your priority list, Worldwide Semiconductor can help you. Worldwide Semiconductor, Inc. is a customer service oriented company, that can assist you in meeting all of your component needs.

For obsolete, allocated, hard-to-find components, DRAM, SRAM and integrated circuits, call or fax us your requirements, and we will put our experience and worldwide resources to work for you!

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